BeatzCoin travels cross-chain to WAX ecosystem and launches on DEX

VibraVid Inc.
2 min readNov 10, 2021


In a move that yields more exposure, use, and liquidity, the VibraVid team has officially launched the BTZC token on WAX. The initial supply of 500 million tokens will be used to serve for bridge transfers across chains, and also for liquidity in our upcoming Bludac LP pool. The tokens on the Tron side have been locked in a separate wallet for transparency and BTZC max supply remains consistent at 3 Billion.

While the WAX integration on VibraVid is currently in process, BTZC will have immediate use-case on WAX. Both BTZC/BLU and BTZC/WAX trading pairs are live on Alcor.Exchange ).

There will also be LP token staking available on, where users can mine/earn BLU token rewards.

At the time of writing, BLU tokens are currently worth 0.02418075 WAX, while WAX is currently trading at $0.534260.

We are very excited to see the BTZC multi-chain approach come to fruition. The VibraVid ecosystem is coming together with content creation, NFT’s, GameFi, and more! We thank-you for the support throughout this journey, which is getting the project much needed exposure, and creating opportunities to improve developments.

Stay tuned for more detailed information on how to migrate your Tron-based BTZC tokens to WAX. Please keep in mind the TRC10 version of BTZC and its markets will remain. We are simply adding more options and opening more opportunities for BTZC holders.