BTZC — An Open Letter to the Community

Some things are quicker/easier to do than others, and we must also factor in “opportunity”.

If we know we’re going to sell cars in the future, but are currently working on the pizza shop…and we catch a good deal on buying a few decent cars to flip…sometimes the pizza-oven installation just has to wait a bit longer.

I hope that analogy can sum up months of discussions, ideas, planning, challenges, obstacles, and realities…

For anyone who may have missed it, we were awarded a grant from WAX to integrate WAX blockchain with VibraVid. We must not take that at face value but also consider the time it takes to develop, as well as the staffing and payments involved (compared to the grant). Not to mention constant maintenance checks and updates, staking, VibraGoons NFT launch…planning, development, and testing for audio and video migration…I could go on and on.

Believe me when I say that it is far more easier to perceive that “VibraVid is taking too long and focusing on too many different things”, than to summarize nearly 4 years of blood, sweat, tears, trial, error, and community and relationship building.

I like to use analogies (because they can sometimes compare points at face value, rather than more lengthy and sometimes seemingly incomplete explanations), so here is another:

There is no time-clock for populating Mars. Apple has hired several engineers to explore EV’s, yet has made no hint at creating an electric vehicle.

We are at a point where we are a project. We are not bound to specific timelines or developments. We are flexible in building and delivering (or not delivering) what we can. We have our vision. We will get there.

We are not leaving Tron. We are not “switching chains”. There are no gimmicks. There is no trickery. We are doing what we have to do as a project to fulfill our ideas and visions, to remain current and competitive with this fast moving industry, while laying the necessary foundations for current and future endeavors.

As for the VV platform itself — the music and video aspect — it is being worked on as we speak…alongside many other things. Limiting platform usage for the time being in certainly not an “end all” for the project.

The fact of the matter is that a major exploit was discovered. Bad actors were bypassing the system, and uploading full-length, copyrighted content. This content was then being streamed on multiple (other) websites, taking advantage of VibraVid’s bandwidth. This led to a major influx in server and operating expenses. The problem has been discovered, addressed, and nullified. We now have a solution that will not only prevent this from happening in the future but will be even more user-friendly and attract users from mainstream content sharing platforms. More information will be released soon.

I think that if we all reflect on the growths of the world itself…and especially the way markets fluctuate and work.. we can all agree that things go up and down, yet continue to evolve toward an uptrend when looking at the macro perspective — “the big picture”.

Many may disagree or dislike…and that is simply the nature of the beast. The project is doing fine, and although I can admit I wish to make everyone happy…the truth is, we are in a good place as a project, regardless of perception. We thank everyone for their continued support.

— Steven Zambron, Founder of VibraVid and BeatzCoin



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