BTZC — An Open Letter to the Crypto Community — UPDATE

It’s hard to believe that this project is over 4 years old now — just over 4 years and 2 months. I would have thought that we’d be in a far greater position right now but…I suppose everything happens for a reason.

I’ve learned a lot during these past 4 years. There are no fingers to point. No one to blame. No one to be upset with. These were all learning experiences that — at the end of the day — make this project, this community. and myself…stronger.

Where Are We?

As for the project, we are in a complete rebuilding phase. As disconcerting as that may sound, we do not intend for this to be alarming. At worst, we are taking advantage of all of the trials, tribulations, and learning experiences that we have gained, and applying those revelations to a more heuristic approach to the technologies and opportunities at hand.

What happened?

What to Expect:

Due to the re-structuring of the entire project, the VibraVid website will be going offline, temporarily. For those that need a more in depth explanation, it is not practical to maintain the current daily expenses while we formulate a plan to move forward. The website will remain open, and will be updated soon.

How Long Will This Take?

There is no timeline or schedule to meet at this time. For once, we are aiming to do things right upon the first attempt, rather than settle for sub-par performance and results. Again, your support, patience, and understanding are highly appreciated and valued.

What About VibraGoons NFT?

When More Exchange Listings and Marketing?

In the meantime, BTZC can be traded on TronTrade, Probit, and Mercatox. BTZC can be wrapped to the trc20 standard on the Tron Network, and wBTZC can be traded on,,, and other decentralized exchanges.

The contract address for wBTZC is: TNsnPquPbEo6zCYSB9mZbrnSogyJ3cksNo

Instructions for wrapping and un-wrapping BTZC can be found here:

Bridged waxBeatzCoin can also be traded on: Spot trading is also available:

There is currently no direct bridge available from WAX back to TRON — but our goal is to offer a solution in the near future.

What About BTZC Staking?

Further instructions can be found here:

When the time is appropriate, we do intend to launch a new BTZC staking program.

In Closing…




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