BTZC — An Open Letter to the Crypto Community — UPDATE

Where Are We?

The core team for VibraVid/BeatzCoin is now very limited. We are actively seeking applicants in any capacity. If you are interested, please send a direct message to @Zambino79 on Telegram. Please be patient for a response.

What happened?

In short, the project has yet to meet its full potential due to a lack resources. More recently, there were several disagreements between team members and contract workers. The conclusion is that things cannot continue in the same manner, and seemingly overdue changes need to be put into effect.

What to Expect:

We have formulated many friendships, allies, and opportunities in this space. Many directions are on the table, and nothing is being overlooked or undermined. We may stay the course — to an extent — or, we may go in a completely new direction. That remains to be finalized.

How Long Will This Take?

As we all know, the crypto community can be very impatient and demanding at times, however, the BTZC community has proven resilient and hardened. We certainly appreciate your support and patience.

What About VibraGoons NFT?

The Goons are actually more practical to put into further motion at this point, and we are already making headway towards rolling out a new plan and direction for the VG NFT enterprise. We are collaborating with another major project in this effort, and will be releasing more specific details in the near future.

When More Exchange Listings and Marketing?

These are 2 questions often asked. The answer is simple. When we have a final direction, we will move forward on that front. When we have the funding and/or momentum and popularity, we will be applying for more and better exchange listing opportunities.

What About BTZC Staking?

The BTZC staking period ended on the last day of 2021, as planned and scheduled. If your tokens are still within the staking contract, you should un-stake immediately — your tokens could be at risk.

In Closing…

Again, we highly appreciate your understanding, patience, and support. We will continue doing all we can to revitalize this project, and attain the level of greatness that we always envisioned. The industry is very competitive, and evolving daily. We will do our best to remain vigilant and relative. We take notice in the realization that we are an underdog in this uphill battle. We are still here. We remain…we will keep building.



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