How to Swap Tron BTZC to WAX Blockchain

While VibraVid and Bludac teams are finalizing developments for the Tron <> Wax bridge, we are offering a more immediate centralized option for holders to transfer their Tron-based BTZC tokens to the Wax blockchain.

Qualifications for the BTZC/BLU Liquidity Pool Staking have begun, and we are looking forward to BTZC being showcased among the next set of upcoming pools on November 20,2021.

To swap your Trc-10 (Tron) BTZC tokens for BTZC (waxbeatzcoin), simply send your BTZC tokens to the following Tron address:


You must include your WAX wallet address in the transaction memo. For reference, the WAX cloud wallet can be downloaded HERE. There are other wallets available, however, the WAX cloud wallet is design with simplicity and the new user in mind. Please be sure to safeguard your Wax wallet and account-access details.

DISCLAIMER: Due to incurred costs, timelines, and staffing, WE CAN ONLY PROCESS TRANSACTIONS OF 500,000 BTZC MINIMUM. DO NOT SEND LESS THAN 500,000 BTZC TOKENS. You will receive your tokens within approximately 24–72 hours, depending on volume requests and staff availability.

You MUST obtain Bludac membership to participate in Bludac staking pools.

Once you have your Wax wallet funded with BTZC, the steps necessary to participate in Bludac LP token staking are:

Alternatively, your BTZC tokens can remain staked or on the Tron blockchain, and you can simply purchase Wax BTZC HERE.

When using Alcor Exchange, be sure to choose the WAX blockchain to connect to, and then connect your wallet.

For your convenience, here is a Bludac tutorial:



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