How to wrap TRC-10 BTZC to TRC-20 wBTZC

VibraVid Inc.
3 min readOct 10, 2021


We often get many questions regarding this and other technical aspects of BeatzCoin. Wrapping your BeatzCoin is a very simple process, and we are happy to guide you through it!

The TRC-10 standard is the best choice for a utility token on the Tron network. Bandwidth for users is plentiful, making TRC-10 transactions extremely fast and cheap. However, some popular network interactions require a different standard to function (e.g. TRC-20 is the standard choice for Smart-Contract interaction, Liquidity Pools, Decentralized Swaps, etc.).

For the sake of benefit and convenience, BeatzCoin can be used in its native TRC-10 format (, or Wrapped to output a TRC-20 version.

How it Works:

When Wrapping BTZC, that BTZC is placed in the custody of a secure Smart-Contract, and the exact 1:1 amount is then minted in the TRC-20 standard, and distributed to the user’s wallet as wBTZC ( Likewise, when un-wrapping, the TRC-20 wBTZC is burned in the process, and the TRC-10 BTZC tokens are released from the Smart Contract to the user’s wallet.

Step by Step:

Once you have some BTZC is your VibraVid wallet, Tronlink, or Klever wallet (see:, you can begin the wrapping process. The simplest way to do this is by using the Wrapping interface on: Simply input the amount of BTZC to be Wrapped, and click confirm.

Alternatively, you can log into Tronscan and interact with the smart contract directly. Visit and click on the “WriteContract” tab.

Then, go to the very first item (“1.wrap”) and enter the amount of BTZC tokens that you wish to Wrap. Click the “Send” button, and confirm via your wallet.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now learned how to safely and properly Wrap your TRC-10 BeatzCoin (BTZC) tokens. ;)

To un-wrap your TRC-20 wBTZC tokens, simply reverse the process. If you have any questions, please ask in our Official Telegram chat:

  • WARNING: These are the only project-approved methods for Wrapping BTZC. Use any other contracts and methods at your own risk!

wBTZC can currently be traded on JustSwap and ISwap (links below).


Add liquidity to the Liquidity Pool, and earn a percentage of each swap!

Until next time!