In case you missed it — Exclusive AMA

VibraVid Inc.
4 min readOct 28, 2021

This past Tuesday, veteran Tron blockchain project NOLE hosted an exclusive AMA with BeatzCoin and VibraVid project lead, Steven Zambron. The AMA was held in NOLE’s exclusive VIP telegram chat.

To learn more about NOLE and how to obtain access to this exclusive VIP chat-room, you may visit:

✅ Can you tell a bit more about yourself and why you started the project?

Music has always been a big part of my life. I have been an aspiring musician, and have worked in the field as an audio engineer, producer, and various odd-jobs. I noticed early on that one of the major difficulties for up-and-coming artists is getting noticed. Like all things, marketing takes money, and selling product requires marketing. This can prove to be a problem for most people.

Being introduced to the blockchain space in 2017 provided many potential solutions to these problems, and with those ideas, I set out to create a platform and cryptocurrency token that would aim to better assist musicians in sharing their content, attracting more listeners, and even earning money more easily. Of course, these ideas evolved to include all aspects of audio sharing (podcasts, etc.), as well as video content creation being that all forms of socially shared digital content face the same challenges and struggles to gain popularity or views.

✅ What have you been working on in the past few months? began development in late 2019. Since then, we have pivoted in many directions, making the most of our relatively small team and strict development budget. Over the past few months we have been working with other recognized projects toward a multi-chain approach for BTZC. What this means is that BTZC can be transferred between different blockchains, without affecting the total maximum supply (which is 3 billion tokens). Some of the projects that we are working closely with are Syscoin (SYS), Polygon (Matic), Icon (ICX), and more recently, WAX. In the coming months, we expect BTZC tokens to be interoperable across these and more blockchains.

Coinciding with this cross-chain approach, we have spent the last month or so developing an NFT collection called “VibraGoons”. We have long understood the capabilities and possibilities of NFT, and this standard can certainly be used to tokenize certain artist’s creations, including sales of songs, videos, fan memberships, “rights” ownership, and more!

VibraGoons is a collaboration with artist Adolfo Garza, and is our attempt to launch what will be the genesis of our project’s NFT endeavors.

✅ Do you have a preview of what you have been working on?

Of course! Allow me a moment to share…

You can learn about BeatzCoin integration of the Syscoin bridge here:

You can also visit, create an account, and see and use the already integrate Icon (ICX) wallet.

As for VibraGoons, here are a few examples:

✅ What is the use-case of your token and what makes it unique compared to other tokens?

For BTZC, the primary use-case is VibraVid integration. The token is primarily used for attaching “bounties” and “fees” to user’s streams. A bounty is where user’s may offer a reward for viewing or listening to their stream, and the fee, of course, is the price set by content creators for viewing or listening to their premium content. BTZC can also be used for tipping content creators, other users, as well as those who leave comments and replies on user’s content.

BTZC can also be staked at for 12% APR. 😉

✅ What can we expect in 2022 from your project?

Our goals moving into 2022 are:

completing some of the multi-chain aspects for BTZC

expanding and strengthening a larger community through those blockchains

more liquidity pool and exchange listings

a better UI and user experience on VibraVid

adding more features to VibraVid

a robust marketing campaign for the project

possibly incorporating more elements to VibraVid, including games, NFT marketplace, and more!

✅ Is there anything you want to share with the VIP room?

If you would like to support and become a part of this project, BTZC is available on PROBIT, MERCATOX, TronTrade, Poloni DEX, JustSwap (wBTZC), and intercroneswap (wBTZC).

Also, whether you are new or a veteran to NFT, the VibraGoons collection launches today at 11:00 PM UTC at !

This collection includes:

Low mint of only 5,000 VibraGoons

2% and 10% commissions for those who buy 20 or 40 VibraGoons (% of sales)

10 automatic buy-back Goons at 500 USDT

1 Legendary prize Goon of 5000 USDT

Listing and trading on

VibraGoon staking

AirDrops and Reward sharing for VibraGoons holders

VibraGoons can be purchased using TRX, BTT, and KLV

And more! 😉