Updated Roadmap goals for VibraVid

VibraVid Inc.
2 min readSep 14, 2021


The team is progressing in multiple aspects of development. VibraVid feature developments, NFT’s and multichain integrations are in development. We have updated the road map for you to visualize the progress in each aspect of the platform.

Let’s take you through that process.

As you can see from the chart above we have divided our goals in to 3 major areas:

  1. VibraVid platform development
  2. NFT’s
  3. Multichain integrations

VibraVid Platform Development

The UI/UX overhaul is in progress. The upload process, home page and playback page are almost done. We have put a brief pause in order to focus on our NFT project for the next 2 weeks. As noted on our last article, Icon integration is complete and fully functional. The ultimate goal with the VibraVid platform is to have the needed features help it become a platform of choice for content creators. Rather than marketing what we currently have we choose to wait until we can blow users away with what we have to offer. Ultimately, the goal at that point is to scale the platform and introduce ad revenue opportunities. That opens the door for our BeatzCoin multichain rewards staking.

What is Vibra-Goons?

Ah, yes! This is something our team is excited about. There have been many awesome NFT collections come out like the Tpunks, Meebits and Apes. We have a truly unique NFT collection that we are releasing called Vibra-Goons. This collection is not only unique from an artistic perspective, but from a coding standard as well. There will be features no one has done on an NFT contract. We will launch our first collection of Goons on Tron’s TRC-721 protocol, and it will be 100% decentralized content on BTFS. These goons are the first step in our collectible NFT games that will run across many blockchains. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

The Multichain approach

Blockchain needs to be an inclusive space. We continue to build relationships and work with different blockchains. Each bring community and value in to the crypto space. We are happy to announce that our next integration will be with WAX, the ‘King of NFTs’. Similar to the ICON integration that is live you will soon be able to generate and connect WAX wallets on VibraVid. Our other chain partners will then follow!

Our team has learned a lot in its existence, and we realize that strong infrastructure needs to come first over hype and promises. Listings, marketing and more will come. Thank you to all the BeatzCoin supporters for sticking with us. If this is the first time you have heard of us check us out at Beatzcoin.io and our platform Vibravid.io.