VibraGoons NFT Update

The VG collection has had some development and UI hiccups but is doing extremely well! Some of the perks to note are that:

There are 10 LEGENDARY Goons with a guaranteed buyback of 500 USDT. (When the sales are completed, we will announce the buyback option)

One lucky VibraGoon holder will receive a 5000 USDT award! (Any 1 purchase of a VibraGoon will be eligible, and receive 5000 USDT upon random drawing — to be announced when the sales have completed)

At the time of writing, there are currently 1191 VibraGoons minted on the Tron Blockchain…of 2150. Over 55% have been minted!

What other perks are there?

Aside from being randomly rewarded for your VibraGoon purchase, there are also many long-term benefits of buying a VibraGoon NFT. Those that mint at least 20 VibraGoons are rewarded 2% of all following sales! This is safe-guarded via smart-contract, and the minter can simply claim their rewards whenever they wish at

Likewise, we also have a whale opportunity, where if a user mints at least 40 VibraGoons, they will receive 10% of all following sales!

VibraGoons are Multi-Chain!

The Goons will be wrapping up the Tron-based collection very soon, and then migrating to another famous and popular blockchain! (to be announced)

  • Pro tip: Those who mint NOW on Tron will receive the most rewards!

This VibraGoons NFT collection will be interoperable and capable of being utilized on more than one blockchain! (stay tuned!)

Where is the value?

VibraGoons are essentially pixel-art, created by artist Adolfo Garza. The algorithms used to create/mint the VG NFT’s are completely unique and random. VG’s (VibraGoons) have a sale and “floor” price. These Goons are aiming to not only be interoperable across different blockchains but will be essential to participate in the upcoming “Goon Games” on The VG collection, unlike many NFT projects, is completely decentralized in nature…and your ownership is guaranteed.

Will the Goons be listed on exchanges and tradeable?

Yes! We are working with many NFT exchange platforms, and are also pursuing a dedicated exchange platform right on VibraVid! Our long-term goal for VibraVid is to become an all-inclusive place for all things crypto!

What is Goon Games?

“Goon Games” will be an all-inclusive dApp hosted on VibraVid, where VibraGoons NFT holders will be able to participate in many skill-based gaming activities! These games will not only be fun but will drive more traffic and users to the VibraVid platform, delivering handsome rewards to lucky participants!

But VibraVid seems broken or not working in some aspects…

All will unfold in due season. We have recently expanded our development team, and continue to build this project to the best of our desires, roadmap, and capabilities. We may continue to experience brief hiccups as we develop…but the long-term goal is an all-inclusive crypto-based media sharing platform…where everyone can participate!

You can mint your VibraGoons NFT now at:



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