VibraVid and BeatzCoin continue multichain development

It may seem that our team has been quiet lately. From a marketing perspective this is true. However, our development team is working hard on the platform and infrastructure. Together, we are paving the way towards making VibraVid a viable content streaming platform whilst ensuring that we enhance the utility of BeatzCoin.

What have we accomplished?

As the blockchain and crypto space continue to innovate we have discovered clear opportunities to add value in Defi, NFT’s and Multichain interoperability. Our first focus is with the multichain aspect. Our dev team lead by CTO, Ted Osias has managed to integrate the ICON blockchain in a scalable wallet system that’s accessible on Vibravid. Currently, you can generate an ICON based wallet, export it, pay for content and give direct tips to content creators.

The next steps are:

  • Implement our bounty reward system;

The organization has been much improved, the team is closing tickets at an efficient rate and the QA process is now streamlined.

What are the priorities?

We get this question all the time. “When are you going to update the site UI/UX? It needs more features!” At this stage, our focus is on the blockchain infrastructure. This has provided us with opportunities to gain grants that have funded our progress. We are currently working on adding a few more chains on to the Vibravid wallet. Then we will move on to NFT’s, where the multichain infrastructure will be in place for our marketplace. A revamp of the entire VibraVid codebase is ongoing simultaneously. “The code base refactor will make the platform more maintainable and makes it easier to add more features later on. Our goal is to have a good foundation on our code base and safely deliver features consistently. This will lead to quality software that translates to a better platform overall.” — Ted Osias (CTO)

Better security measures, higher quality code and optimized performance are the foundations that we will build on. Defi and bridge protocols are also on the horizon.

What can you expect?

Expect our involvement to increase with the blockchain partners as we introduce VibraVid and BeatzCoin to these communities. We are working on making a clearer development roadmap and vision available. In regard to scaling the platform we will roll out UI/UX enhancements over sprints one page at a time. That way we can get the best feedback on what users and content creators want to see on the site. Once completed, you can expect to see more of a marketing push to drive people to start using Vibravid.

Our efforts are to continue developing a content based platform that offers the latest innovation in the ever-growing blockchain space. Using the latest and best technology in blockchain, content creators and users will be empowered to monetize on a variety of different platform interactions. We appreciate those who have shown patience while we pivot, make changes and go through the typical startup challenges. Special thanks go to our existing community and the new blockchain communities we are now a part of. As VibraVid begins to grow and the utility of BeatzCoin does as well, we will continue to collaborate with leaders across chains. Stay tuned for the latest and upcoming VibraVid innovations.



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