VibraVid partners with Bludac for LP Rewards — HUGE for BTZC and VG!

The VibraVid team is happy to announce a special collaboration with BluDAC, an AMM with 3rd party rewards to incentivize liquidity. BluDAC has its ambitions set in becoming a multi chain dApp that can cater to multiple communities on different chains and provide instant liquidity boosts for those projects. The VibraVid team is building the bridge that enables BLU assets to move across chains and helping implement the dApp on chains we work with such as Tron, Polygon, Icon and more!

BeatzCoin (BTZC) will also be launching on BluDAC’s exchange on both Wax and Tron chains, so you will be able to stake your BTZC and earn rewards. We will also be launching a bridge to send your Tron BeatzCoin over to the WAX ecosystem, where you will be able to transact with speed and much lower cost than the current fees on Tron (no increase in BTZC maximum supply). WAX Cloud wallet connect is expected to be live on VibraVid very soon. Beyond the typical token staking, BluDAC will also feature NFT DEFI staking and the VibraGoons Collection will be a part of that as well!

As a special incentive, people who mint VibraGoons will be able to claim a free BluDAC membership ($30 value)* that can be used to participate in LP’s that reward in BLU tokens. What is the membership good for?

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Get to know more about Bludac at

You can get your VibraGoons NOW at



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