VibraVid to Build on Wax Blockchain — BeatzCoin NEWS

VibraVid Inc.
3 min readOct 11, 2021

We are happy to announce that our proposal for grant by Wax Labs has been approved! Development will begin right after the launch of the VibraGoons NFT collection release, which is scheduled to launch in the coming days.

VibraVid aims to be among the first to build a web-based, decentralized, wallet option for the WAX ecosystem. Currently the most popular wallet options are Anchor and the WAX Cloud Wallet. Users will soon be able to create a WAX wallet on and maintain custody of their private keys. Similar to our previous Icon (ICX) integration, users can look forward to:

  • Creating wallet with user ownership of private keys
  • Utilizing a local wallet password (an encrypted and more convenient way to save your PK and approve transactions)
  • Send/Receive functionality
  • Collecting bounties, tip content creators and pay/charge for premium content in WAXP
  • Ability to connect browser based wallets (eg. WAX Cloud Wallet)
  • Import/Export wallet functionality
  • Ability to add WAX based tokens and NFTs on to VibraVid

Why WAX?

WAX proclaims to be the “King of NFTs”…and for good reason. WAX is a lean, green, NFT-minting-machine, making it easy to mint, buy and sell NFTs at a very environmental-friendly low cost. They have a rich ecosystem with top-notch partnerships, and a huge, growing, and thriving community. Considering our efforts to expand in the NFT space, WAX is a leading chain with tremendous opportunities.

What else is there to look out for?

Adding WAX on to VibraVid is just the first step in our expansion. Here is what you can expect to follow:

  • Forge relationships with other dApps within the WAX ecosystem
  • Build a multichain NFT marketplace
  • Assist with bridge interoperability
  • Bring BeatzCoin (BTZC) to the WAX blockchain (waxBTZC)

What is VibraVid?

VibraVid is a social audio and video content sharing site where users can charge for their streams, market their content, and earn cryptocurrency rewards! The project began in December of 2017 and is powered by its native cryptocurrency utility token, BeatzCoin (BTZC). More recently, VibraVid has expanded toward a multichain approach, including NFTs.

We look forward to delivering new innovation on to the WAX ecosystem and once again are very thankful to Wax Labs for the opportunity. To learn more about WAX please visit If you are new to VibraVid and BeatzCoin you can check out our latest roadmap and project information at You can also test our platform MVP at (please note that the audio and video section is currently undergoing maintenance).